Here's our assignment in THE STORY for April 13: In order to achieve the greatest benefits from THE STORY, please take time this week to engage in the following activities. Personal Reflections Reflect this week on the people who shared the gospel of Jesus with you. • What did they say? • How did their lives reinforce the message of God’s great love? • Seek to use their examples as inspiration as you share the grace and the good news of Jesus with those you encounter each day. Personal Action The early Christians loved to open their homes for meals with others. In the coming weeks, make two invitations. • First, invite a few Christians over for a meal and a time of sharing life and faith. • Second, invite a few people you care about who are not yet followers of Jesus and have them share a meal with you and some of your Christian friends. Record your reflections and actions in your Personal Journal. Read Chapter 29, “Paul’s Mission,” in THE STORY. The presentation of the chapters has been rearranged to coincide with Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Be sure to bring your Personal Journal with you to each session.

106 E. Charlemont Ave

Kingsport, Tennessee

Phillip "Phip" Sams, Minister

Who we are

First Christian Church of Kingsport is an independent congregation which has no denominational affiliation.   We are part of a world-wide movement of independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ who desire to  be "Christians only."

Where We Are

The First Christian Church of Kingsport is located just one block from the historic "church circle" in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee.  You'll find us at the corner of Broad Street and Charlemont Avenue

(106 E. Charlemont Ave.)


What We're About

We are a family of believers where people are important.  We care for one another -- and we care for our community.   It is our desire to reach out into this community with the love of God and the grace of Jesus.